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The Jewish Oligarchs of Russia
almost all the oligarchs, including Khodorkovsky, are Jewish [1]

So what? That seems to be the usual response. Americans have grown acclimated to this kind of response. I shall neatly avoid this pitfall by answering, "make of it what you will." There are mountains of data concerning Jewish political and cultural predelictions readily available on the Internet. If the reader is so naive as to think that Jewishness bears no cultural or ideological connotations, who am I to disabuse him? Such a person is beyond the reach of all reason; far be it from me to bring sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, or speech to the dumb. I can only wonder what meaning groups like man, woman, French, Russian, conservative, liberal, etc. could possibly hold for such a person.

For the rest of you, living here on planet Earth, I suggest you compare and contrast what I present here and what you know of the Jewishness of the Bolshevik Revolution; the Jewishness of Hollywood; the Jewishness of the Clinton administration; the Jewishness of Neoconservatism; the Jewishness of Critical Theory, the Frankfurt School, Boasian Anthropology, and Freudian Psychoanalysis; the claims of Tacitus; the claims of the early Christian church; the claims of Martin Luther; the claims of the Spanish Inquisition; the claims of the Third Reich.

It all begins to paint a clearer and clearer picture, doesn't it?

List of Billionaires Swells From 17 to 25 (See below for a bit about the "Magnificent Seven," the original Jewish oligarchs of Russia)

Russian Oligarchs on Forbes' 2004 List

(Russian, Probable Russian, Jew, Probable Jew,
Other, Gentile, Unknown)

'04 ('03)
Name Company Worth
in $ billions
'04 ('03)
16. (26)Mikhail Khodorkovsky*Yukos15 (8)
25. (49)Roman Abramovich*Sibneft10.6 (5.7)
73. (68) Mikhail Fridman*Alfa Group15.6 (4.3)
85. (222) Vladimir PotaninInterros4.9 (1.8)
90. (256) Mikhail ProkhorovNorilsk Nickel4.8 (1.6)
124. (-)Vladimir LisinNovolipetsk3.8(-)
136. (348) Alexei MordashovSeverstal3.5 (1.2)
143. (278) Oleg Deripaska* Basic Element3.3 (1.5)
143. (147)Viktor Vekselberg*United Trade3.3 (2.5)
186. (329)Vagit AlekperovLukoil2.7 (1.3)
277. (386) Leonid Nevzlin* Yukos2.0 (1.1)
293. (386)Eugene Shvidler*Sibneft1.9 (1.1)
310. (427) Mikhail BrudnoYukos1.8 (1.0)
310. (427)Vladimir Dubov*Yukos1.8 (1.0)
310. (427) Platon LebedevYukos1.8 (1.0)
310. (427)Vasily ShakhnovskyYukos1.8 (1.0)
342. (427) Vladimir BogdanovSurgutneftegaz1.7 (1.0)
377. (278)Vladimir YevtushenkovSistema1.5 (1.5)
406. (-)German Khan*TNK-BP1.4 (-)
437. (-)Leonid Fedun Lukoil1.3 (-)
437. (-)Nikolai Tsvetkov NIKoil1.3 (-)
472. (-)Vyacheslav Sheremet SIBUR1.2 (-)
472. (-)Rem Vyakhirev Gazprom1.2 (-)
514. (-)Andrei Melnichenko MDM Group1.1 (-)
552. (-)Alexander AbramovEvrazHolding1.0 (-)
552. (-)Sergei PopovMDM Group1.0 (-)

* verified beyond reasonable doubt (e.g., head of a Jewish organization or fled to Israel to avoid prosecution, etc.)
The Magnificent Seven

For your further reading pleasure, I present the Magificent Seven, the original "Russian" oligarchs:

The secret life of Russia's millionaires
The Scotsman, Saturday July 5th, 2003.

In a short time, the "magnificent seven" businessmen - the original oligarchs - had accumulated almost half the wealth in Russia. Their names were Boris Berezovsky, Mikhail Friedman, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Vladimir Potanin, Vladimir Gusinsky, Alexander Smolensky and Vladimir Vinogradov.

'Oligarchs': From Russia with cash
The Jerusalem Post, Wednesday July 28, 2004.

Naturally, there is a Jewish-Israeli connection in there, too. Six of the original seven Oligarchs are Jewish and, according to Gentlev, all fostered ties with Israel.

The Magnigicent Seven

(Non-Jew, Confirmed Jew)


Boris Berezovsky
Mikhail Friedman
Mikhail Khodorkovsky
Vladimir Potanin
Vladimir Gusinsky
Alexander Smolensky
Vladimir Vinogradov


[1] Charles Grant, director of the Centre for European Reform: