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This is where I keep texts of concern to White Nationalism, as well as texts about White Nationalism by White Nationalists. It's quite a novel concept, no? Drop me a line via email on the Home page if you'd like to contribute.

White Nationalism - an Introduction

I originally wrote (most) of this as a Wikipedia article, when I was naive as to what a "democratic" Wiki encyclopedia really was. It's simply intended to be an introduction to White Nationalism, not a history of it. I plan to expand it as time allows, and it needs a bit of polish, but it achieves its purpose as it is now.

Whither Judaism and the West?

This is the conclusion to the third book of Kevin MacDonald's seminal trilogy on Judaism, reprinted from Matt Nuenke's excellent NeoEugenics site; the direct link to the document at NeoEugenics is here. If you want to assess the future of western civilization, you'd do well to include this text (and the rest of MacDonald's Judaism trilogy) in your reading. I'm probably going to set up a separate KMac page soon.

A Response to Ayn Rand's 'Racism'

This is an essay of or more accurately against Ayn Rand's silly essay titled 'Racism.' Rand's original is in black, my responses are in blue. 'Racism' really isn't worth the time I spent on it, but some people like to consider themselves intelligent and learned simply by dint of the fact that they hurl it at me (rather than respond to me personally). I started this piece because I wanted something to hurl back next time, with zero expenditure of effort on my part - quid pro quo. Obviously, it's written in a conversational style and isn't finished (I can't decide if I have a problem finishing things, or if I have a problem knowing when things are finished - probably both).

by Jim Kalb

Kalb's take on anti-racism is definitely worth a read or ten: "Anti-racism is not at all middle-of-the-road, although resistance to it is thought extremist. Its principle is not live-and-let-live but eradication of the universal practice of ordering life by reference to feelings of extended kinship. On the colorblind reading of civil rights law that is the most conservative view now tolerated, it is illegal to treat ethnicity as relevant to social relations that matter. More advanced readings of the law, that recognize the continuing power of ethnic ties, call for government to equalize advantages by suppressing ethnicity in the case of whites and enhancing it for others. It is simply assumed that government can carry out such a program fairly and effectively and that men will accept it indefinitely."

You Are Prejudiced
by Chad Powers

This essay was originally published in the now-defunct Jewish Tribal Review in October of 2002. It's a bit rough in terms of form, but functionally it's a bullseye. Give it a read if you're new to anti-PC, anti-multiculturalist thought. It's a good introduction to why political correctness and multiculturalism are morally and intellectually bankrupt.

The New Blasphemy
by Tom Blair

This is a good overview of the importance of WW II history to White Nationalists.