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This is where I put things that don't belong anywhere else.

Fake "hate crimes"

These are startlingly common. I started a thread at Stormfront so we can keep track of them. Consider the hypocrisy and injustice of going easy on the perpetrator of a "hate crime" simply because he isn't white, or turns out to be a member of the "targeted" group; is the hatred and ill-feeling stirred up any less real?

vBulletin Clips for Notetab Pro

A set of "clips" for formatting text in vBulletin code in Notetab (my favorite text editor).

The Jewish Role in the Armed Forces of the U.S.A. in Major Conflicts

Edgar Steele got me thinking about Jewish loyalty viewed through the lens of military service during wartime, and so I ran down a few (rather inadequate) sources and took a whack at the issue.

Proposal: American Security Barrier

Parapundit got me thinking about this some months back, so I figured I'd write it up. Once again the Israelis prove the stupidity of the all-too-common WN saying, "that's what Jews do." Would any WN worth the title reject this proposal on those grounds?

The Jewish Oligarchs of Russia

Since the inaugural post of my blog was the story of the assassination of the Russian editor of Forbes magazine, I figured I should start patching together a feature about Russia's Jewish Oligarchs.

United States Foreign Aid

Here are a few numbers to show how wildly disproportionate America's financial support of Israel really is. If you're a knee-jerk Israeli-supporting reactionary idiot (like most supporters of Israel), perhaps you'll appreciate seeing exactly what it is you're supporting.