5 - another catch-all category for issues related to but distinct from White nationalism.


Hijackers who were under surveillance before 9/11


Asylum Seeker ‘Infected Four Women with HIV Virus’

Anti-Discrimination Law

Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws - Nolo
Federal Anti-Discrimination Laws
Anti-Discrimination Laws or the Culture of Freedom?
ACLU Fact Sheet: Relevant Anti-Discrimination Law [NY]
Housing Discrimination FAQ - Nolo
Anti-discrimination Case Leads to $102,500 Settlement in New York - HUD

Censorship & Free Speech

Censorship in Germany? Never! Unless...
Government mandated blocking of foreign Web content [in Germany]
Major Victory for Free Speech at Cal Poly


Serial Killers

2 suspects defy serial killer type [IHT reprint of NYT article]
Black killers, victims are often ignored
Expert: Black serial killers not so uncommon
Serial Killing's Squarest Pegs: Not Solo, White, Psychosexual or Picky [NYT - local]
Serial Killing's Squarest Pegs: Not Solo, White, Psychosexual or Picky [NYT Archive - Internet]
Serial Killing's Squarest Pegs: Not Solo, White, Psychosexual or Picky [Reprint - Internet]
The Beltway Sniper Killings Equal Zebra Killings II?
THE HUNT FOR A SNIPER: AN ASSUMPTION UNDONE; Many Voice Surprise Arrested Men Are Black
The Myth of White Serial Killers - 2 suspects defy serial killer type

Specific Crimes

The Wichita Horror, the brutal murders by Jonathan and Reginald Carr -- The Crime Library - The Crime library
White On White Crime?
Wichita Massacre

“Disappearing” Urban Crime
Biting the Hand That Needs
Crime task force starts with crime stats -- Debt to Society
Deafening Silence
Death Row & Race
Guns don't kill black people, other blacks do
Hell on Wheels
HMONG COMMUNITY: Task force working to curb prostitution
Masking The Divide: How Officially Reported Prison Statistics Distort the Racial and Ethnic Realities of Prison Growth [PDF]
Media Keep Ignoring Interracial Mass Murder in Wichita
Out of Bounds
Police procedures: Crime stat probe sought
Report: 1 of Every 75 U.S. Men in Prison
Sailer: Imprisonment rates differ wildly
The Color of Crime
The Crime of Black Imprisonment
The Truth About Black Crime [liberal apologia]
When the drug war ends
Small Cities Cope With Crime Surge
Corruption in Nations List [Corruption, GDP, IQ]


AP School Integration Poll 2004
Black Population Figures
CDC - abortion rates and race
Changing Face Of Australia—the Economics Of Numbers
Does abortion reduce crime?
Election 2000 Map - party votes by county
Ethnic Shifts Forecast In State Demographics
Harris Interactive | The Harris Poll - The Religious and Other Beliefs of Americans 2003
Murders per capita top 100 Map & Graph
Myth of the Melting Pot: America's Racial and Ethnic Divides
Population Statistics Disaggregated by Race and Gender [USA]
Poverty in the United States
Race Map of The U.S.
Resident Population Estimates of the United States by Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin: 4/1/90 to 7/1/99
Total fertility rate - Graph
Sixty years after Soviet-Nazi battles, Russia and Germany declining

Freedom of Information

ACLU Freedom Network: Using the Freedom of Information Act
Colorado Attorney General Opinion 01-1

Gun Control

Doctors are the Third Leading Cause of Death
First Reports Evaluating the Effectiveness of Strategies for Preventing Violence: Firearms Laws </p>
Full Interview with Holocaust Survivor, Theodore Haas
Gun bans don't work - The Washington Times: Editorials/OP-ED
Gun Control - It Doesn't Work
Gun Control Advocates Purvey Deadly Myths
Gun Control Doesn't Work, Editor's Commentary
Gun Control Misperceptions
Gun Control: Myths and Realities
Gun Facts - Blast Away at Gun Control Myths
Guns Protect City Official, But Not Her Constituents, Group Complains
homicide00.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Illegal Guns Flood Britain--Killings Rise
Just Facts Gun Control
NCPA - Bothsides - Crime And Gun Control
Nine Myths of Gun Control, Second Amendment Sisters, Inc.
Reason: Gun Control’s Twisted Outcome
Seven Myths of Gun Control, by Richard Poe
Sowell - Gun control myths
The Truth About Gun Control Myths
Top Ten "Gun-Control" Myths
Trust the People: The Case Against Gun Control
U.S. Congressman Terry Everett::News:: Gun Control Doesn't Work
What the gun control lobby doesn't want you to know
When Doctors Call for Gun Seizures, It's Grand Malpractice

History & Revisionism

Civil War

World Wars

Hitler Speech Declaring War on U.S.
Hitler - A Psychological Profile - OSS Study
Hitler's Zweites Buch (Secret book)
The Stentorian_ A Web domain devoted to the art and science of political communication
war and social upheaval: World War II early aggressions -- Germany Anchluss
Holocaust Learning Center - Austria [plebiscite]

Air Photo Evidence-maps of Auschwitz and other WW2 camps drawn from air photos.
The Origins of National Socialism
Answers to the 66 Questions of Holocaust Deniers
Giving the Devil His Due
Holocaust revisionism goes up in flame wars
Home Web page of Arthur R. Butz
How Wars Are Made | Index
Inside Majdanek
Institute for Historical Review
Irish slaves in the Caribbean
Luftl Report [refutation of Leuchter]
New book reopens old arguments about slave raids on Europe
Russ Granata
Sean Hyland's site
Teacher jailed for making revisionist Nazi film
'The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop'
The Holocaust Historiography Project
The Revisionist No. 1_2003
The Twisted Truth and Lasting Legend of the Pony Express
The Zundelsite - Dedicated to the work of Ernst Zundel and Ingrid Rimland
USCWC -- Statistical Summary: America's Major Wars
Zundelsite - First Electronic Rebuttal
The History Guy: Casualties From America's Wars


Adelaide Institute
Preserving Auschwitz

Jonathan Wild


Immigration - Con - Websites - Citizenship - Sovereignty - Law
CASA de Maryland, Inc.
Center for Immigration Studies
Center for Immigration Studies
FAIR - Federation for American Immigration Reform - Home Page
IPC - Immigration Policy Center
Mexican Elections Heating Up — in U.S.
Migration News
Stop the
Welcome to Team America! - TEAM AMERICA PAC

Immigration - Law

[Swiss] Parliament Takes Steps To Tighten Immigration
‘Sensitivities’ Key In Future Arrests
2 officials seek limits on legal immigration
Amendment Calls For Troops Along Border
Blair To Impose Immigration Quota On Africans And Asians
Culberson: Enforce Immigration Law or Lose Pay
Delegates target illegal aliens
Dutch Pull Back Welcome Mat
Fifth Of London Marriages Faked For Immigration
Green card no shield under law
Groups May Sue to Halt Arrests by Border Patrol
Help for 'patriot' candidates
Homeland Security to review Border Patrol raids
House rejects illegal aliens bill
Illegal Alien Amnesty is Top Priority for Senate Leaders
Illegal Plea For Illegals’ Cash?
Immigrant tuition to face challenge
Immigration Invasion View from a Border Patrol Officer
Immigration Raids, Far From Border, Draw Criticism
Immigration Status Not Local Matter, Police Say
Reports Spark Fear in Neighborhoods
Scots’ Welcoming Image Suffers A Blow
St. Pete Starts Operation Gypsy Camp
U.S. Court Rules Rape Is Grounds For Asylum
US Toughens Immigration Rules For Pakistanis

Immigration - Pro

__ LIRS __ Save the U.S. Refugee Program!
Group puts water tanks in Mexico
Pilots, Volunteers To Aid Immigrants In Distress

Immigration - Reference

U.S. BORDER CONTROL Polls & Survey Data

Immigration Impact - Crime

Child murders and illegal immigration
Conflict on deportation stalls gang legislation
Gangs eye kids as young as age 7
Gang-Violence Crisis
LA ‘On the Road to Falluja’?
Nigerian Prostitution Rings Flourish In Europe
ParaPundit: Heather Mac Donald On The Illegal Alien Crime Wave
Police Detail Gang’s Toll on Hospital
Porous border stokes a crucible of pain and smuggling on tribal land
swissinfo swiss information business culture news informations of switzerland : Front Story Detail
Teen’s Hands Severed In N.Va. Machete Attack

Immigration Impact - Cultural

[U.K.] On The Trail Of The Chinese Snakeheads
A Culture Emerging: Endeavors, UNC-Chapel Hill [Spring 2004]
Islam's influence in Germany grows
Why Immigration Reform Is a Women's Issue

Immigration Impact - Demographic

[U.K.] Immigration Now 60% of Population Growth
2 Minorities Spur Rapid U.S. Growth

Immigration Impact - Economic

$30 Billion in Remittances Sent Home by Immigrants Only a Small Piece of the Cost of Mass Immigration
As Prices Fall, Farmers Turn to Illegal Cash Crops
Asylum Is 8bn Pound Business
Debunking the Myth of a Desperate Software Labor Shortage:
Ex-Tyson Workers Can Seek Damages
Federation for American Immigration Reform: Immigration and Income Inequality
Illegal Aliens Straining Health-Care System
Immigrant children most likely to be poor
Immigration found to cut U.S. workers' pay
Indians In The US To Rule American IT
Many New Jobs Going to Noncitizens
New Study Finds That Illegal Immigration Costs Arizona $1.3 Billion a Year
Officials Get Tough on Rent Subsidies
One Out Of Three Non-Elderly Americans Were Uninsured During 2002-2003 US Retirement Fund May Be Extended To Illegal Mexican Workers
Report ties health care struggles to immigration
Social Security checks could go south of border
Wisconsin Prepares For Hmong Refugees Amid Funding Concerns

Immigration Opinion - Elite

Earth to WSJ - Clueless on Immigration

Immigration Opinion - Public

Americans Want Immigration Reduced: Opinion Polls
AP: Nations Value, Worry About Immigrants
Canada's welcome mat
Disparity Seen In Immigrant Viewpoint
MORI - Polls & Surveys - British Views On Immigration
Most Canadians say immigration positive: poll
Overwhelming Support for Changes to Irish Citizenship Laws Most Americans Want Halt To Illegal Immigration
Poll shows Britons fear immigration has damaged UK
U.S., European sentiment: immigrants a bad influence
U.S., European sentiment: immigrants a bad influence
Voters 'are losing faith in immigration policy'
Worries on immigration
Sweeps rally locals in support of Border Patrol

‘Do It For Your Country’
Bay Area Activist Would Bar Door To Others
China to Adjust Immigration Policy to Attract Overseas Skills
City's hidden asylum seekers [UK]
Counties brace for refugees
DANGEROUS BORDER / Militias round up illegal immigrants in desert / Migrant advocates say deceptive patrols increase peril, seldom face legal scrutiny
Deportees Sent Back To War Zone
Full Battle Garb
Glimpse HTTP Search of Local Files (directory: /immigration)
How immigrant influx challenged small Illinois town
How to Defeat Jihad in America
Humanitarian Immigration: Third World "Persecution" Swamps the West
Hundreds protest Border Patrol sweeps
Immigration hits record level
Immigration vs. Iraq
Ireland agrees to change birth law - Jun 13, 2004
Ireland votes to end birth right
Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review
La Raza event brings 23,000 to Phoenix
Latino group begins national child safety seat campaign
Mexico: Narco-Republic Neighbor
MEXICO: population growth of the whole country
Mexico’s Diplomats Step Up For Immigrants
Movie Review: Day Without Mexicans
Neo-Con Games - What Beltway conservatives say about immigration
Only By Setting Limits Can We Control Growth Description Of Israel West Bank Barrier One Year Of Illegal Alien Health Care Costs Would Pay For Border Barrier West Bank Barrier Will Not Be Extended Around Ariel
Plan to help immigrants return home
Prayers in Pr. George’s Take On a New Dialect
Repressing White Americans Through Rampant Immigration (May 29, 2002)
Republicans Spurn Base On Affirmative Action, Immigration
RightMarch Recruits 'Conservative' to Run Against 'Liberal' GOP Congressman
Securing Our Borders
Slam Poet Stirs Up The U.S. Melting Pot
State ballot measures on illegals founder
Stealth amnesty
Student group stands by 'Reconquista' plan
Tancredo: Lawmaker favored proposal to restrict state services
Teacher Suspended Following Pinata Flap
The Hispanic Challenge - Samuel P. Huntington
The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography
The Uninsured in America - 2001
U.S. Killers Walk Free In Mexico?
Why Current Immigration Policy Dooms American Jewry
Romance Of Refugee Story Isn’t Universal
Ever Wonder Why? Part III


Chalabi duped us on WMD, says New York Times
Judy's Turn To Cry
N.Y. Times Cites Defects in Its Reports on Iraq
'N.Y. Times' criticized for quiet mea culpa
N.Y. Times Details Iraq War Coverage Woes
New York Times admits failures in run-up to war
New York Times admits Iraq faults
New York Times: we were wrong on Iraq
NY Times Says It Was Misinformed by Iraqi Exiles
Paper Criticizes Own Reporting on Iraq
The Times and Iraq

Prisoner Scandal

Israeli interrogators 'in Iraq'

Judicial System

Blue Helmets vs. Prop. 209
Civil Rights Commissioner Scuttles Talk of 'Memogate' Probe
Court: Whites Should Not Face More Obstacles In Race Discrimination Suits
Judge rejects slave trauma as defense for killing
Rise Of A Judicial Dictatorship


Folder 7 - news outlets of all stripes, and news and commentary concerning the media.

NYT Articles to purchase

Mexico Woos U.S. Mexicans, Proposing Dual Nationality
Serial Killing's Squarest Pegs: Not Solo, White, Psychosexual or Picky [NYT Archive - Internet]

About the Media

Complicit Omissions
Gannett Company and USA Today
Israel Asper Index
Join the Boycott of the Los Angeles Times
NAAA Facts About Newspapers 2000
Take Back The Media! Who Owns The Media_
Well Connected - The Center for Public Integrity
Who Owns What - Columbia Journalism Review


California bar exam moved so observant Jews can eat
City censors nativity scene but not menorah
Congress has 4 Jewish Holidays, 2 Christian, 0 Moslem
Federal court backs public nativity scene
Islamists kidnap Christian girl to force conversion
Ten Commandments, Decalogue [reference to no punctuation]
Tripping up the Fundamentalists: A Guide for Skeptics
what your church and pastor never told you about the new testament #7

Reproductive Rights

Embryo case woman launches appeal


Christian secession talk sparks flood of reaction
Historical Documents:THE BILL OF RIGHTS
Myths on Fire by James Ostrowski
New American Nations
Proposed Inhabited Artificial Islands in International Waters
The Articles of Confederation - The U.S. Constitution Online -
The ethics of secession
Walter E. Williams: Getting back our liberties
Walter E. Williams: Let's do some detective work
Walter E. Williams: Parting company is an option
Were the States Sovereign Nations? by Brian McCandliss
Christian Sets Sights On S. Carolina


6 - anything involving Jews except for genetics.


Fritz Hollings

Jews fear being blamed for Iraqi war
Sen. Ernest Hollings Calls Bush “Dirty Jew Lover,” Denies Anti-Semitism
Not so gentle rhetoric from the gentleman from South Carolina
The American Board of Rabbis Condemns SC Senator Ernest Hollings Blatant Anti-Semitism and Call for His Immediate Resignation
Anti-Semitism on This Side of the Atlantic
The Ground Shifts
Senator spoke for many on Hill when he blamed Israel for war
US Senator: Iraq War Israel's Fault
Sen. Hollings defends column labeled "anti-Jewish" by some
Allen blasts Hollings' words
Senator Hollings Is Right
Modern Day McCarthyism
Sen. Hollings Floor Statement [Axis of Logic]

2000 year history of Jewish persecution
ANTI-SEMITIIIIIIIIIIIIIISM!!! (cartoon by Latuff) : Palestine Indymedia
Arab Journalist Tells CNN "Jews Control the Media"
Confront hate in community; don't ignore it
Islamic group issues fatwa against author
It Wasn't Arabs
Murder, She Wrote
Partners in Hate: Chomsky and the Holocaust Deniers
Rabbi Friedman's Comment on Senator Lieberman Sparks Probe [Free Republic]
Reaction to 'Jewish girls' T-shirt is divided
SHIT LIST...7000+ Self-Hating Israel-Threatening Jews
Special Report: Jews against Zionism
Redemptive Anti-Semitism
Hate mail

Jim Moran

The 'News' on Rep. Moran


GALUT: Jewish Identity in America
Learn Hebrew -
Learn Hebrew For Free - FoundationStone
Learn Hebrew On-Line
Online dictionary software by Babylon
Yamada Language Center_ Hebrew WWW Guide
'St Trinian's' mountain walk condemned
Artist Studies Central Florida's 'cracker Culture' - from


Argentine president caught in spat among Jews over AMIA investigation
Arudou Debito_Dave Aldwinckle [Jew in Japan]


American Jewish Historical Society
Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives
History of the Jews in Russia and Soviet Union - Wikipedia
Recent Trends in Reconstructing the History of Ancient Israel: A Report of the Conference
Unpacking on the Prairie_ The Journey
Wolzek's Terror Timeline: History of the Jewish War Against the World
Levine Museum of the New South - November 2003
Professions of Jews in Medieval Spain


Albert Einstein - Plagiarist of the Century.
Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist - Amazon
Oliver Stone biography

Peter Singer

Religious battle over abortion
peter singer interview



Ayn Rand Institute -- In Moral Defense of Israel
Potential Threats To Israel: North Korea

Arms Trade

Israel major supplier of arms to Beijing
Olmert: Israel will export dual civilian-military products to China


A failed Israeli society is collapsing
All ye politicians pucker up -- yon Israeli derriere is awaiting
For Israel, Without Illusions: An Interview With Paul Gottfried
Hamas history tied to Israel
Israel Accused of 'Gross Negligence' over 1967 Attack on US Spyship
Israeli Agents Believed Involved in Abu Ghraib
The Life of an American Jew in Racist-Marxist Israel
U.N. charges of Israeli torture spur debate over painful issues
What goes on in secret jail facility? Rights groups accuse Israel of torture
When the Intifada Erupted, it was finally clear to all: Israel is Not a State with an Army but an Army with a State

Demographic Time Bomb


Israeli Spies

2 found with video of Sears Tower
Possible Israeli Foreknowledge of 9/11 attacks
Security scare shuts Kings Bay


B'Tselem, The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories
Israeli Palestinian pro/con
The West Bank: A Dustbin for Israeli Industrial Waste?

Do not have children if they won't be healthy!
Dichter Warns of Rise in Extremist Jews
How serious is the Syrian threat?
Immigration and Absorption Home Page
Israel escapes sanctions imposed on other nations [Calgary Sun]
Israel escapes sanctions imposed on other nations [FR]
Israel: Now you see it, now you don't
Maariv International
Norwegian ambassador's house bugged
Nuclear Watchdog in Israel to Press Case
Open Secrets - Israeli Nuclear and Foreign Policies
Ralph Nader Calls Israel a "Puppeteer"
Righteous Jews -- Israel's uncomfortable voices of dissent
U.S. Warns Sharon on Arafat Threat

Jewish Movements


Jewish conquest of the Slavs
Jewish Communists: Perpetrators Of The Holocaust Against Christian Russia
Solzhenitsyn Prints Study On Jewish, Russian Ties


Judge Is Assailed Over Holocaust Fund
Study shows eyewitness accounts in violent crimes can be shaky


Do Immigration Trends Doom Jews?
It's not just about numbers
Jewish leaders fear anti-Semitism among Hispanic immigrants
The AJHS Manuscript Catalog -- Baron De Hirsch Fund (Established 1890)
When freedom of immigration is bad for the Jews
When freedom of immigration is bad for the Jews
Why Jews Welcome Muslims by Lawrence Auster


"Jews Run Hollywood - So What?"
As If There Weren't Enough Jews in Hollywood Already
Do Jews Run Hollywood??
Israelis better at manipulating media


A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm
Are Markets Boring?
Chalabi: Spy or victim?
An Introduction to Neoconservatism by Gary North
Foreign Affairs - Trotskyism to Anachronism_ The Neoconservative Revolution - John B. Judis
Conservative Author Rails Against Colleges
Expect Continuity from Kerry
Foreign Policy Experts Assess War on Terrorism, Saber Rattling Toward Iraq
GOP pollster Frank Luntz "Adjunct Fellow" at Hudson Institute
How Chalabi and the White House held the front page
'How Israel Lost': A cautionary tale
How To Silence An Awkward Newspaper
Iraq and the Conservative Crackup
Israel Isn't the Issue
Judeo-Christians’ Role--Mr. Sharon’s Final Solution
Kurds Threaten to Walk Away From Iraqi State
Let's Play ''It's the Jews!''
Letter from Barzani and Talabani to President Bush
More Missing Intelligence
My Dinner With Pamela Gross-Finkelstein
Neocons - US News / Special: Empire Builders | Christian Science Monitor
Pentagon Office Home to Neo-Con Network
Politics And Prose In Iraq
Raimondo Does Not Go Far Enough in his Neocons War for Israel
The Dog Days of the War Party - by Pat Buchanan
The Fear Mongers
The good news coming from Iraq
The JEWS who Run Bush and the USA
The Philosopher
The Real Reason Tenet and Pavitt Resigned from the CIA
The spies who pushed for war
The Stab in the Back - by Justin Raimondo
We got it wrong on Saddam weapons, says New York Times
Why won't anyone say they are Jewish?
Zinni slams Pentagon officials


Hollinger International [perle, conrad black, kissinger]

Black &amp; Hollinger Group_ Holdings
Hollinger [perle, conrad black]
Hollinger International Inc. [perle, conrad black]
Hollinger International Inc. Management Profiles
MCB --- LATEST --- Press Release
Perle Joins Onset Board
perle, lord black, hollinger Gets Financing from Hollinger Digital
Who Owns What [hollinger digital, perle, conrad black]


Aaron Friedberg

Aaron Friedberg - Disinfopedia
Aaron Friedberg Selected as First Kissinger Scholar
Aaron Friedberg: Henry A. Kissinger Professor of Foreign Policy and International Relations, 2001-2002 - John W. Kluge Center (Library of Congress)
Google Search: "Aaron Friedberg"


Charles Krauthammer

Charles Krauthammer bio page
Townhall.com_ Conservative Columnists_ Charles Krauthammer

Daniel Pipes

Biography of Daniel Pipes
In Defense of Daniel Pipes
Prevent Truth Decay __ Daniel Pipes Bio

Douglas Feith

Elliot Abrams

&quot;This snake's hard to kill.&quot; - Elliott Abrams
Dick Proctor, MP - President Bush’s appointment of Elliot Abrams, August 2001
Public Serpent Iran-contra villain Elliott Abrams is back in action

Irving Kristol

Irving Kristol _ Biography
Writers' Reps _ Irving Kristol

Leo Strauss

Norman Podhoretz

Paul Wolfowitz

William Safire

The Conservative Chronicle - Biography of William Safire

David Wurmser

A Richer Pedigree - Middle East Quarterly - Winter 2000
Articles by: David Wurmser
AxisofLogic/Editor's Choice
Books - Shop-Fast-Easy
David Wurmser
David Wurmser
David Wurmser - Disinfopedia
Google Search: "David Wurmser"
The Saudi Connection

Dov Zakheim

Bio of Dov Zakheim

Geraldo Rivera

Wolf Blitzer


Guerrilla News Network
Arab News
Foreign Policy In Focus | Global Affairs Commentary | China Hawk Settles in Neocons' Nest
Aaron Friedberg - Disinfopedia
Guerrilla News Network
Rummy's Ruminations, by Justin Raimondo
The Myth of National Defense

Shabbes Goy

George Will

Townhall.com_ Conservative Columnists_ George Will

A Jew in Anti-Christian America
AEI - Scholars & Fellows
Bruce Jackson_ Jews Like Us
NewsMaxStore.com_ Browsing The Deck of Weasels
Photo Cartoons - GOP Republican Most Wanted Playing Cards
Right Web - A Project of the Interhemispheric Resource Center
The &quot;Neocons&quot;_ From the Cold War to the &quot;Global Intifada&quot;, by Leon T. Hadar
The JEWS who Run Bush and the USA
The Weekly Standard
Townhall.com_ Conservative Columnists_ Ann Coulter Doug Bandow Bruce Bartlett Linda Bowles Bren
Townhall.com_ Conservative News and Information - The Conservative Movement Starts Here
War Profiteers Card Deck
Who runs Bush &amp; the USA_

Alas, Michael Moore is an unguided missile
France's Cerebral Celebrity
Michael Moore and American self-hatred


Psychoanalysis Is Dead ... So How Does That Make You Feel?

Racial Politics - Jewish

50 years after integration case, Jews remember their crucial role
Birdman Bryant: The Jewish Question
Can You Oppose Intermarriage Without Being Racist?
ISAR - MacDonald Deposition
Israel, Zionism, and the Racial Double Standard
Looking Behind Ha'aretz's Liberal Image, by Ran HaCohen
Margaret Mead


Zionism as Jewish National Socialism

Israelization of America
Lobbying for the pro-Israel candidates


Jewish-American military participation
The CIA no longer trusts Jews -- and for good reason
Jewish War Veterans of the United States
Jewish Military Families Finding A Virtual Home On 'The Brave'
Virtual community links Jews in the military, and their families
Virtual community links Jews in the military, and their families [Google cache]
Jews in Green
The JSF - Fighting for those who fight for us
Jews in the U.S. Military


Jewish Statistics [from Arthur Hu]
Jewish Population of the United States



anne krueger [IMF]
anne krueger [IMF] 2
j wolfensohn [IMF]

Around “Gazprom”
Bank Information Center USA: World Bank Executive Directors Directory Home UK
Gazprom to SIBUR: "Honour Thy Mother..." | RosbaltNews.COM
How Far Will Putin Go?
'I'm no Napoleon' says Abramovich
Media and public kept away as oligarch goes on trial in 'shoebox'
Norilsk Nickel names general director
Oligarch - Alexander ABRAMOV. A grand Encyclopaedia of russian goods and services producers in Internet
Oligarch - Alexander Smolensky
Oligarch - Alexei Mordashov
Oligarch - Leonid Nezvlin Jewish
Oligarch - Nikolai Tsvetkov. A grand Encyclopaedia of russian goods and services producers in Internet
Oligarch - Oleg Deripaska | PBS
Oligarch - Oleg Deripaska, Billionaire, President of Russian Aluminium, Professional Engineering, Chartered Engineering, Women in Engineering, High Profile Engineers, Engineering Profession, Inventors, Careers, Education, Billionaire Engineers, Journalists, Interviews, Authors, Astronauts, NASA, Eur-Ing, Presidents, Health, Depression, Illicit drugs, Missing Children,
Oligarch - Olig Alekperov
Oligarch - Vladimir LISIN. A grand Encyclopaedia of russian goods and services producers in Internet
President of World Bank hopes YUKOS problem will be resolved in court
Prized Faberge eggs sold to Russian-Jewish industrialist
Prosecutors widen front in battle against YUKOS
Putin turns up heat on oligarchs
Putin's gamble -- The Washington Times
Report: Putin Plans War on Oligarchs
Rosbalt.RU - printer friendly version
Russia’s future in balance: Putin versus Khodorkovsky?
Search of the Companies, Firms, Organizations. A grand Encyclopaedia of russian goods and services producers in Internet
The Jews Also Rise
The Khodorkovsky Affair [Kevin Strom]
The Russia Journal Daily::Editorial - End of the rose tinted spectacles
Union of Councils for Soviet Jews: Bigotry Monitor: Volume 3, Number 34
YUKOS Probe, Anti-Semitism - JRL 8-1-03
YUKOS shareholder afraid to return home
Boris Berezovsky: Putin's Russia 'dangerous for Israel'
Kremlin Targets Jewish Tycoons In War on Critics
Russia's Oligarchs Wield Power Behind the Scenes
Russia's Robber Barons: the Twelve Men Who Own Russia's Economy
The Russian Oligarchs of the 1990's
List of Billionaires Swells From 17 to 25


Campaign Inflation
Following path of family activism, Lebovitz is Bush point man to Jews
Jewish groups say they’ll fight bid for amendment against gay marriage
'Jews Are Fighting and the Whole Country Has To Watch'
Jews are lining up to support gay marriages in U.S.
Jews in Bush’s Cabinet? Don’t Hold Your Breath
President Speaks to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee
Protesters try to halt modern art show over owner's link to Nazi war criminal
So What If the Goyim Are Looking? A Jewish Newspaper Lets It All Hang Out
The unofficial ambassadors of the Jewish state
The Wye Double-Cross Page


A Life Apart: Hasidism in America
A New Kind of Secular Jew
Affirming Life
Afterlife in Judaism - Heaven and Hell
Charedi Rabbis Rush To Disavow Anti-Gentile Book
Context Is Key To Grasping Grama Book
Critics Slam Rabbi, Y.U. Over Article on Gentiles
Is There Life After Life? Ask Moses.
Jews for Judaism -Mission to Israel
Judaism 101
Judaism's Thriving Concern
Rabbis and Reproduction: The Uses of New Reproductive Technologies [PDF]
Talmud Translated
The Inner Secrets of Feminism
The Temple -- Congregation Adath Israel B'rith Sholom -- Louisville, Kentucky
Ultra-Orthodox Officials Go To Bat for Anti-Gentile Book
What do Jews say happens when a person dies? Do Jews believe in reincarnation? In hell or heaven? Purgatory?
Who Are the Jews? |


A Jewish Appeal to Russia's Jewish Elite
Clinton-Yeltsin Summit: A Handbook for Journalists - June 1998
Jewish Post of New York Online - News - Is There a 'Jewish Question' in Russia?
Putin Uses Hanukkah Visit To Quell Jewish Concerns

Jewish Lists from CJN
Notes on Camp


7 - a paleoconservative opinion site emphasizing immigration reform.


Brookings Does Diversity, Sort Of - by Steve Sailer
Citizens Defend Border. Treason Lobby Attacks Citizens.
Closed door
Feds Admit (Finally): Immigration Dangerous. So Why Not Cut It Off?
Give us this day, by Harold Brewer
Illegal Aliens: The Health Cost Dimension
Immigration Myths (A Series): FDR Never Addressed the DAR as "Fellow Immigrants"
Immigration Myths (contd.): The Statue of Immigration, or Liberty Inviting the World
Immigration Myths (contd.): Zangwill and The Melting Pot
Jews And Immigration: Steinlight Soldiers On
More Jobs—But Only New Immigrant Groups Need Apply
Mr. Bush, put up this wall!
Muslim Immigration Bad News For Europe's Jews
New York Times Discovers Mass Immigration’s Impact On U.S. Hospitals
New York’s Other New Economy, by William Fronhoefer
On The (Immigration Policy) Conversion Of A Jew - By Peter Brimelow
Stephen Steinlight - Prophet Without Honor?
Steve Sailer on Mexico 1 - Shackled to an [ungrateful] corpse
Steve Sailer on Mexico 2 - Importing Mexico's Worsening Racial Inequality
Steve Sailer on Mexico 3 - America's Imported Caste System
The Federal Government Has Met The Enemy And They Are – The Tombstone Militia
The Future That Works (Despite Dubya): Illegal Immigration Can be Controlled - by Sam Francis
The Many Deaths of the GOP by Peter Brimelow
The New York Times Says Japan Needs Immigrants. The Japanese Politely Disagree, by Jared Taylor
The Thirty-Year War For Immigration Reform -Thomas Fleming Replies To Peter Brimelow
Bush And Mexico: The End Of The Affair
View From Lodi, CA: Assimilation?--¿Qué necesidad?
SWEPT AWAY - Unfettered immigration is rapidly shifting the ethnic and political balance of the United States. - By Peter Brimelow & Ed Rubenstein
Fox Betrays and Humiliates Bush - VDARE Vindicated!
Castaneda Out, Derbez In - Mexican Meddling Continues
Bushman To Christians: Drop Dead (After Voting, Of Course)!
Carl Pope and The Virus of Hate, by Louis Andrews

Racial Politics


A man alone. (Tom Sowell), by Peter Brimelow
Federal Museum Denies Slavery in Africa Was 'Dehumanizing'
Racial Gang-Rape: The Sequel
Racial Gangrape: Another Diversity Disaster
“Stereotype Threat” a.k.a. Occam's Butterknife

East Asian

ICT report on China's Racism in Tibet


Do White Men Need Their Own Political Party?
Abolishing America (contd.): Do Whites Have Rights?
An American Christmas present for African whites?’s “White Nationalism” Symposium
Harvard Hates The White Race?
Lott A Victim Of The New Feudalism
Shelby Steele Says It Out Loud: Whites <i>Not</i> Equal In The New America
The Case Of The Truth-Telling (But Racially-Incorrect) Teacher
The Shape Of Hate To Come
What WHAMs Need To Know About Affirmative Action
Hype, Hope and Hysteria: UKIP And The BNP Roil Britain’s Euro Election, by Derek Turner
A “European American” Writes to Peter Brimelow; He Responds


American Blacks (And Whites, Of Course) Displaced In Miami
Blacks Clashing With Hispanics - While Whites Sleep
Blacks, Jews and the GOP: Part I
Blacks, Jews and the GOP: Part II
Continued Immigration Retards Growth of Interracial Marriage
Brown vs. Black—vs. America


Some Genocides Are More Politically Correct Than Others
Thinking About Neoconservatism


Why The Majority Of Mexican Immigrants Are Not Going To Vote For The GOP - Allan Wall
Electing a New People, by Peter Brimelow & Ed Rubenstein
Riordanism Won't Work - But Proves Hispanic Conservatism A Myth - by Steve Sailer
Self-Segregation And Spanish Preferred
The Emerging Democratic Majority Gets Establishment Attention
The Myth Of Minority “Natural Republicans”, by W. James Antle III
Why The Majority Of Mexican Immigrants Are Not Going To Vote For The GOP - Allan Wall
American Schools Lowering Standards For Hispanics

A Conversation with a Russian Immigrant
A Reader And VDARE.COM Meditate on NRO’s Misplaying the Race Card
Abolishing America - A Reader Reports from the School Front
Account of Punjab Rape Tells of a Brutal Society
Are soldiers mostly black & poor?
California’s Racial Privacy Initiative: Sailer vs. Taylor Round II
Diversity Causes "Bowling Alone"
Diversity Is Strength! It’s Also Disease
Diversity vs. Freedom (contd.): Crime will Explode If Racial Profiling Ends
Diversity vs. Safety (contd.): What The Charlottesville Hate Crimes Say About America’s Future
Iraq, Israel, Invasion, Immigration – And IQ
Is Curry for the Goose Curry for the Gander? - By Peter Brimelow
Jared Taylor’s Racial Heresies And The “New White Nationalism” - by Glynn Custred
Love Thy Neighbor? Not in L.A.
On Interracial Marriage
Peter Brimelow's Review of Paved with Good Intentions, by Jared Taylor
Pioneer Fundophobia
Race Relations: The Myth Of The Military Model
Race, Reality, And Ward Connerly’s Racial Privacy Initiative
Steve Sailer on Election 2002 & Demographics on National Review Online
Surprise! Diversity Is Not Strength; etc.
The Price I Paid For Civilization—Zora Neale Hurston on Blacks, Brown and the American Nation State
Was The U.S., Like Pie Crusts And Treaties, Made To Be Broken?
We Know They Said “Created Equal.” But They Didn’t Mean…
Who Wants to Be a Minority?
Why Multiculturalism and Democracy don't mix (Balkans case study)
Race: The Dirty Little Secret Of Republican Strategy

Racial Science

“Stereotype Threat” a.k.a. Occam's Butterknife
A Couple of Wild-Eyed Wackos: Me and the New York Times
A King among Men: Arthur Jensen
Angier’s Wager and the Olympics
Angier's Wager? Race schizophrenia at the New York Times
Barone II: Kicking Barone While He's Down
Barone: Backsliding into Bankruptcy
Cavalli-Sforza II and Seven Dumb Ideas About Race
Cavalli-Sforza's Ink Cloud
Darwinophobia I
Darwinophobia II - Andy's Attack
Darwin's Enemies on the Left: The Coming War over Genes
Darwin's Enemies on the Right: A Miracle Happens Here
Daughters Of Eve, Mothers of Europe (And America)
Franz Boas – Liberal Icon, Scientific Fraud
Gambler Dan
It's All Relative: Putting Race in Its Proper Perspective
Making Sense of "Race:" A Race Is an Extremely Extended Family
Mapping Human History
Olympics and Race: the results
Pinker’s Progress
Pondering Patterson [I]: Defining Away Demography
Pondering Patterson [II]: OK, How White Are Hispanics?
Pondering Patterson [III]: OK, How White Are Hispanics?
Pondering Patterson [IV]: Why We Can’t Get Beyond Race
Pondering Patterson [V]: The Reality Of Race
Pondering Patterson [VI]: Responding To The Reality Of Race
Race Flat-Earthers Dangerous To Everyone’s Health
Routing The Race Deniers (Not That They’ll Notice)
The Future of Human Nature
The Intelligence Of Nations
Why Kenyans Win the Boston Marathon (And Why We’re Afraid To Talk About It)

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