1 - explicitly White Nationalist material.


What is racism? Is bigotry and racism just a White Thing?
Racial Diversity
The Races of Humanity


Star Wars - Foreword


Stormfront White Nationalism FAQ
Stormfront White Nationalist Community - Big list of nationalist related links, history, antico
Stormfront White Nationalist Community - Savory Taboo_...Is their ANY Ethnic group that NEEDS W
Stormfront White Nationalist Community - Stormfront IRC chat server

U.S. Map of Hate Groups

R and G

2 - anything involving heredity, genetics, and the like.


Aaron’s Rantblog, aka Aaron the Liberal Slayer » Geeky Rants
Afrocentric Talk
All Animals are Equal
An Easy Stereotype Called "Race"
Ayn Rand and Objectivism Texts
But Professor, Why Teach Race Identification If Races Don't Exist?. Kennedy KAR . 1995;40(5): 797-800.
Challenge to David Irving
Courage is color blind - Opinions - The Daily Illini Online
Do Races Differ? Not Really, DNA Shows
InterDate Forum - Related Sites Directory
Intraracial Issues - American Society & Culture
Multiculturalism and Diversity--The New Racism
Race Denial Costs Lives
Race Denial: The Power of a Delusion
Races as the Same Machine in Different Colors
Racism - Ayn Rand
The Holocaust History Project Homepage
The Mismeasure of Gould: Marxists ideology vs biological reality.
Viewing forum_ Social Issues
White Privilege_ an antiracism resource
Why Do Racists have Low IQs?



A New Theory of Racial Differences
Classical-music fans may have more brains
Discovery of inheritability of social behavior traits has human implications
Disgust is good for you, shows study
Genes may be to blame for infidelity
Genes Protect Kids from Poverty
Humans are hardwired to feel others' pain
Jews, Multiculturalism, and Boasian Anthropology
Logical Errors in Mental Health
Love and Genes Can Beat Poverty -Study
Q&A: Steven Pinker of 'Blank Slate'
Race and the Schooling of Black Americans
Revealed: the secret of human behaviour
Scientists start accounting for taste
Whites, African-Americans better rate medical care experiences when seeing same-race physicians
Liberals and Strangers [PDF]
Race, Evolution, and Behavior


Mutant gene linked to obsessive compulsive disorder
On Interpreting Stereotype Threat as Accounting for African American–White Differences on Cognitive Tests
Preliminary Analysis of Racial Differences in Caseload Trends and Leaver Outcomes
Scientists identify some genes linked to schizophrenia
Study Links a Gene to Impact of Child Abuse
Surprises found in gene variation associated with schizophrenia
Too much testosterone blights social skills
Kiwi researchers ID self-mutilation gene

Social Identity Theory

DeBruine [Facial Resemblance Enhances Trust]
Ethnic Genetic Interests - Michael Rienzi
Faces Like Our Parents Seem Most Attractive
Hard-Wired for Prejudice? Experts Examine Human Response to Outsiders [NYT]
Humans more likely to trust those who look like themselves
Love Thy Neighbor The Evolution of In-Group Morality
Races' face discrimination
Sports Fans: Ingroup/Outgroup Bias
Sports Fans: Social Identity Theory
Women marry men who look like dad


A Genetic Basis for Violence?
Bad behaviour linked to gene
Dealing with the “violence gene”
'Gene clue' to violent behaviour
Gene that protects against male violence discovered
Genetic basis for Violence
Race and Psychopathic Personality
Race, Crime, and Violence
The origins of violence
Violence and the Brain: An Urgent Need for Research

Ideology and Censorship in Behavior Genetics - Stalking the Wild Taboo



Fat-Storing Gene May Trigger Obesity
Long-life gene secrets - BBC
Preparing for Aging’s Future

"Encyclopedia of Mental Health: Shyness"
Are You Shy?
Dispute over number of human genes
Life goes on without 'vital' DNA
Small Changes Separate Man from Ape, Study Shows
Why beautiful people are more intelligent
A new hypothesis on the origin of 'junk' DNA
Chimp chromosome creates puzzles
Chromosomes reveal surprise human-chimp differences
DNA sequence and comparative analysis of chimpanzee chromosome 22
Genetic Monkey Business
Genome Deserts Yield DNA Gold
'Junk' DNA reveals vital role: Inscrutable genetic sequences seem indispensable.
Neanderthals matured faster than early humans
New light shed on chimp genome
Research finds `junk' DNA may have a purpose
Scientists Identify Gene Necessary to Begin Puberty
Small Changes Separate Man from Ape, Study Shows
Study: Small changes separate man from ape


Heredity, race, and genetics in the historical record.

The Question of Race in ancient Egypt

Nature vs. Nurture

"Biological Determinism" as an Ideological Buzz-Word
A New Look at Old Data May Discredit a Theory on Race
A reassessment of human cranial plasticity: Boas revisited
In Nature vs. Nurture, a Voice for Nature
Minnesota Twin Study of Adult Development
Nature or nuture?
Sources of human psychological differences: the Minnesota study of twins reared apart
The Minnesota Twin Family Registry

Race - African

"Great Black Hopes" - Black athletes and a new, pragmatic view of racial differences
African Failure and Non-Competitive IQ Levels
Black Americans: U-M study documents differences within the community, part 1
Black Americans: U-M study documents differences within the community, part 2
Genetic Distance from Chimpanzees, by MX Rienzi
Genetic Double-Whammy For Blacks | October 10, 2002 13:20:39
Physicians focus on hepatitis among African-Americans
Severe kidney disease in blacks linked to genes on two chromosomes
Test Suggests 'Black' Man Is Really White
What happened to the Africans of Mexico?

Race - East Asian

Japanese roots surprisingly shallow

Race - European

DNA tests debunk blond Inuit legend
Ice Age Ancestry May Keep Body Warmer and Healthier
Pan-European Genetic Interests
Scripps scientists say genetic mutation doesn't protect against HIV and plague
White prof finds he's not -- 2

Race - General


Chimps and Chumps
Ethnicity link to illness faces further scrutiny
Eye drops delay glaucoma in the group most at risk
How To Be Fruitful and Multiply
In foreign baby labs, NRI couples have white babies!
New Mapping Project Splits the Community
Obesity And The Schools
Scientists explore ethnic factor in Parkinson's
Study Breaks New Ground on Variations in Genome
Study Finds Many Kids Deficient in Vitamin D
Study shows eye drops can delay or prevent glaucoma in African Americans at high risk
The Palette of Humankind
What Does it Mean for Languages to be "Genetically Related"?

[racial classification] Interracial Marriages
[racial classifications] Civil Rights: A People Divided
Cancer research 'too colour-blind'
Color-blind? The value of racial data in medical research
Darwin's Enemies on the Left: Truth v. Equality
Does Race Exist? A proponent's perspective
Family Tree DNA - we do genetic tests for your genealogy questions!
For Sale: A DNA Test to Measure Racial Mix
Gene Study Identifies 5 Main Human Populations
Genetic Distance Map from The History and Geography of Human Genes by Cavalli-Sforza, Menozzi and Piazza
Genetics and Identity
Genome Mappers Navigate the Tricky Terrain of Race
History of Race in Science
Is Race A Valid Taxonomic Construct?
New DNA tool helps find ancestral links
People from distant lands have strikingly similar genetic traits, study reveals
Race FAQ
Race Is Not A Social Construct
Re-introducing Group Selection to the Human Behavioral Sciences
Stephen Jay Gould was admired by journalists but not by scientists
Straw Man of Race, by Jon Entine
The Biological Reality of Race
The Final Taboo: Race Differences in Ability
The Genetic Archaeology of Race
The Media, the Genetics of Race, and the Racial Double Standard
The Mitochondrial DNA Sequence Database at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
The Race Concept: A Defense - by Michael Levin [PDF]
Race as a Biological Concept [J. Philippe Rushton]
Does Race Matter? Recent Developments, by Louis Andrews
Miller Controversy

Race - Jewish

Cohanim Modal Haplotype (the CMH) finds the Ten Lost Tribes!
DNA chain of Tradition, Families and family trees, Cohen and Levi family worldwide
Some Thoughts about Jews, IQ and Nobel Laureates
Doctor finds fault in the contentions that the "Cohen modal haplotype" designates Israelites and that most Jewish priests have a common ancestor
Genetic evidence links Jews to their ancient tribe
High Jewish intelligence has come about thru social eugenics...
In DNA, New Clues to Jewish Roots
Israeli nazis researching ethno-bomb
The Genetics of Jewish Populations
Y Chromosome Bears Witness to Story of the Jewish Diaspora

Race and Health

2 Scholarly Articles Diverge on Role of Race in Medicine
Blacks at higher risk for death from heart failure, finds NHLBI study - 2_24_99
Blood Backgrounders
Genome Mappers Navigate the Tricky Terrain of Race
I Am a Racially Profiling Doctor
Lactose Intolerance
Lactose Intolerance is Normal!
Medicine and People of Color / Unlikely mix -- Race, biology and drugs
New Research Casts Doubt On Genetics Of Race [Birth Weight]
Race Is Seen as Real Guide to Track Roots of Disease
Racial Differences Found in Heart Drug Response
Study: Texas Kids Top The Scales
The Palette of Humankind
What Your Genes Want You to Eat - Human Races Archives
Medical Puzzle: Is Weight Gain Less Hazardous For Blacks Than Whites?

Race and Intelligence

A Fuzzy Boundary of Racial Classification Attenuates IQ Difference - Arthur Jensen
Arthur Hu's 'IQ Spectrum"
Behavioral and Biological Phenomena Equally "Real" and Related - Jensen, Arthur R. (2000)
College Performance and Wages: How Do Black and White Test Scores Relate?
Common knowledge by Michael Barone
Early Intelligence (Lise Eliot)
Genius of genes [BBC]
Heritability Estimates Versus Large Environmental Effects: The IQ Paradox Resolved
Intelligence_ Knowns and Unknowns
Mean IQs of various Caucasoid Populations
Minorities In Arizona Schools More Likely To Be Labeled Special Ed
National IQs Based on the Results of Intelligence Tests and Estimated National IQs
Neo-Lynsenkoism, IQ, and the press
Network of 14 Districts To Focus on Achievement Gap - Education Week
Race and intelligence - Wikipedia
Race and Intelligence: The Evidence
Race and IQ
Race, Intelligence, and the Brain: The Errors and Omissions of the Revised Edition of S. J. Gould's The Mismeasure of Man (1996)
Research That Was to Prove Jensen Wrong Proves Him Right
SAT measures more than student performance, research shows it is also a reliable measure of IQ
Study Finds Genetic Link Between Intelligence and Size of Some Regions of the Brain
Ten Arguments for the Existence of Racial Differences in Intelligence - and Why to Welcome Race Realism
The Heritability of G Proves Both Its Biological Relevance and Its Transcendence Over Specific Cognitive Abilities
The wealth of nations is mapped by their IQ
WSJ Statement on The Bell Curve
American Psychological Associations task force on evaluating the differences in intelligence between blacks and whites.

Race and Physiology

A New Look At Old Data May Discredit a Theory on Race [Boaz]
Forensic Anthropology - COURT TV
Race and Physical Differences
Tackling Race and Sports - Scientific American
WorldNetDaily_ White men can't jump


3 - politics in general.



Jews of Iceland FAQ

Middle East

World War 3 Report #87
WRMEA.com_ U.S. Aid to Israel


Michael Parenti

Michael Parenti - "Terrorism, Globalism and Conspiracy"
Michael Parenti Archives
Michael Parenti page
Michael Parenti Political Archive

Biography of Michael Parenti

Racial Politics - African

A Different Drummer: Nicholas Stix
At a Slaughterhouse, Some Things Never Die
BBC NEWS | In Depth | 2004 | Rwanda
Big Guns Stoke War To Prove Blacks Can’t Rule
Black Authenticity
Black Invention Myths
Black Slave Owners Civil War Article by Robert M Grooms
Black Socialist Group Calls on Mayor to Settle With Family
Blacks Express Shock At Suspects' Identity (
Blaming Whitey
Cosby Has Harsh Words for Black Community
Culture Clash Ends With Fists
Did you have a happy Kwanzaa?
Ex-Aide Charged With Fraud
Free Black Slaveowners in South Carolina
Honor for Dr. King Splits Florida City, and Faces Reversal
Human flesh 'on sale in London'
Managing a disaster
Muggers blamed for increase in gang rapes
NAACP Pres. arrested for drugs-weapon
NAACP President Pleads Guilty
Not Out of Africa by Mary Lefkowitz
Oscar observations
Slave Reparations: Who Gets Paid? How Much?
Teen killed, man wounded outside club hosting fraternity event in Dallas
The O. J. Simpson Trial: The Jury
URBAN LAW 101 - ADVENTURES WITH BLACK CLIENTS, by Donald Williamson (a pseudonym)

Racial Politics - Other

A Comanche Patriot Tries to Save the White Man
Allah Mode - France's Islam problem
American Indians Protest Alcohol Sales In Whiteclay
Chicano Group Denied Funding
Documentary pulled over race fear
Hate America Professor
Hispanic Parents Allege Racial Attacks At Schools
Lost in Sweden: A Kurdish Daughter Is Sacrificed
Racist rapes: Finally the truth comes out -
Thinking About [Chinese] Internment
What’s Up With White Women?

Racial Politics - European

A million Europeans enslaved
'Caucasian Club' pupil quits
Critics Slam Single-Race School Events
Ditching Diversity
Do White Men Need Their Own Political Party?
FBI Fugitive - Arvind Sinha [dead - will mirror]
Feds' Video Implies Lincoln Would Have Supported Leftist Causes
Flagstar to pay $1.1 million for lending bias against whites
Four out of 10 whites do not want black neighbour, poll shows
Fund-raiser aided firefighter who broadcast racist remarks
Harvard professor argues for 'abolishing' white race
Le Pen is mightier on the net
Majority Misrule [South Africa]
'My daughter's killers are beautiful men'
One Moore stupid white man
P.C. Smithsonian Museum Rags on America
Party Stokes Racial Ire in Britain
'Tall, white' Miss Bolivia faces calls to quit
The “Whiteness Studies” Status Game
The Island Race ... Riots
The tribal politics of Pat Buchanan
'To Perish in Its Purity': 1925 Daily Press editorial urged further racial separation in extreme terms
What’s Up With White Women?
White babies wanted
White Resistance to Racial Realities
White Tribesmen of Africa Won't Give Up Their Dreaming

Racial Politics - General

A Serious Look at Antiracism
Alabama repeals century-old ban on interracial marriages
Annual Report to Congress - Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program
Britian-Race and Ethnicity [PDF]
Clinton 99.9% Wrong Again - Election 2000 - Results
Controversy Swirls Around Randolph Official’s Remark
Diversity's False Solace
No Technical Solution: a Synopsis of the Race Problem in the United States
Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) - HUD
PAL center's name opens racial divide
Racial Discrimination in Professional Basketball: Evidence from Nielsen Ratings
Racial gap at Capitol widens
Racism is not all one way
Rev. Moon Cultivates Black Allies
Review Alleges Housing Authority Engages In Racial Discrimination
Survey Discounts Attitude In Races' Education Gaps
Ten Years After O.J. Simpson Trial, Racial, Social Hot Buttons Still Exist
The Great Racial Surprise of the Reagan Presidency

To Sort

A Book of Scoundrels - Part II
Analysis: Initial reads of voters in error
Bill Cosby Stands Behind Critical Comments
Clarke claims responsibility=The
Fahrenheit 9/11 gets help offer from Hezbollah
Famous Quotes - Roger Baldwin - I am for socialism...
FFII_ Software Patents in Europe
If Americans Knew - what every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine
Justice Department Says It Can't Share Lobbying Data Because Computer System Will Crash - from
Michael Moore: The Dems' David Duke
No War For Israel
Refuting Arthur Kemp's March of the Titans
Right Web | Organizations | Heritage Foundation
Roger L. Simon: Of Hezbollah, Spies and Moore (not Roger)
The Truth About The American Civil Liberties Union
We'll take your money for 'common good'
WRMEA: U.S. Aid to Israel
Third Parties Making Life Difficult For Bush, Kerry
USA Map - States that allow referenda
Yahoo! Groups : shamireaders Messages : 280-309 of 309
Osama - Sudan offered to turn him over
The Misadventures of Cap'n Dubya by Bob Wallace
Hitler Vs. Stalin [web comic]

Overcoming the Trickster: Media Wars of the 21st Century


4 - a catch-all category for anything related to multiculturalism, diversity, prejudice, discrimination, associated double-standards, etc.


‘Friends’ So White It Hurt To Watch
Column Drawing Unfriendly Comments
Controversial T-shirt intrigues and offends
Minnesota Sprinters Take Track World By Storm
Namibia Sends Out Farm ‘Requests’
New Chief Heads Dallas Police Department
No whites need apply?
Santana slams media 'racists'
The White Anti-Racist is an Oxymoron - An Open Letter to White Anti-Racists
White People Are Victims, Too


‘We Don’t Want You Here’
Admittance rates differ drastically by race for Class of 2008
Affirmative action is discrimination
Color Wars [colorism]
EEOC sees possible discrimination in officer's firing
For Gatekeepers at Colleges, A Daunting Task of Weeding
High Court Allows Preferences For Builders
Police 6 times more likely to stop black people
Rigid Bank Security Decried


For Gatekeepers at Colleges, A Daunting Task of Weeding
Law School Humbug by Heather Mac Donald
Race Gap in Anne Arundel Not Bias
Safe Schools Act Deemed Unfair To Racial Minorities
Stealing the Answers: Prevaricators in the Classroom
Teaching Sensitivity Can Be A Disgraceful Exercise
Henry Chauncey: The Aptitude Tester

Government Practices

Abolishing America (contd.): Do Whites Have Rights?
City Funds Flow to Check-Bouncing Developer
Discrimination in federal hiring now works against white males
Federal work force's minority over-representation
Government Executive Magazine - 7/1/00 Diversity Dilemma
Prejudice in Goverment
Racism In Federal Hiring
The Power of the Jump: How to Bounce Checks and Get Government Funds

Hate Crimes

Abolishing America (contd.): Double standards in Cincinnati
Bardot In Tears At Race-Hate Trial
'Bible as hate speech' author admits stealing
'Bible as hate speech' bill nearing vote
'Bible as hate speech' bill passes
'Bible as hate speech' signed into law
Bible verses regarded as hate literature
Blacks arrested more for 'hate crimes'
Boston Globe Publishes Anti-American Porn
Did a hate crime hoax spur hate-crimes law passage_
Dishonesty in the Media - Race, Crime and Statistics
Farmer shot dead in field
Farmers Vow ‘Tooth And Nail’ Fight Against Expropriation
Freedom of conscience debated in Ontario
Gary Coleman's "Hate Crimes"
'Hate Crimes' a One-Way Street
'Hate Crimes' Not Big Problem in Race Relations
Hate-crimes law worries pastors
Ivory Coast Conducts Air Strikes on Rebel Targets
Marin City man charged with hate crime
Nuns In Front Line Of Mugabe Campaign To Drive The Last Whites From Zimbabwe
Plumber Might Have Been Victim Of Hate Crime
Professor Pleads Not Guilty to Faking Crime
Punishment includes Islam indoctrination
Race and Murder at UNC-Wilmington
Race attack probe after white woman hit
Racism Seen In Saranac Student Garb
Remembering The Zebra Killings by James Lubinskas
The Bible as 'hate literature'?
The Truth about Hate Crime Statistics
Three-fourths of Fat Tuesday crime suspects are black, police say
What About Hate Crimes By Blacks?
White farmer is held for 'killing Mugabe invader'
Cortez youths deny racism

Homosexual Agenda

Creating “Gay” Children
Homosexual Groups Back Off From "10 Percent" Myth
Homosexuality and Biology
Homosexuals and the 10% Fallacy
Officials Cite a Rise in Killers Who Roam U.S. for Victims
Survey: Only 1% homosexual, not 10%
US DoJ Statistics - Sexual Assault of Young Children
Will 'Stonewall' Replace Father's Day?


Chrysler fires back at ex-dealer
'Court Order Can’t Make the Races Mix'
Ex-Cops Cleared In ‘Racist Attack’ Case
House debate produces scuffle over affirmative action revision - 06/10/04
Lisbon Police Chief Ordered Out For Racial Comment
Report claims police 'stealth racism'
Seattle close to junking its controversial impound law
Six Flags settles lawsuit
Will the Supreme Court Finally End Race-Based Preferential Treatment?
ICLU questions legality of flag restrictions


Blackboard Jungle in Suburbia by Gary North
Churches Unite Against BNP
Courts asked to consider culture
Divisive multicultural mold
Ehrlich: No apology on multiculturalism
English For Lesbians, Feminists, Queers, And Communists
Girls At London Saudi School Are Treated ‘As Inferiors’
Mexican eats father's brains after fight
Panel calls for neutral bathrooms
U.S., Okla. Settle Muslim Head Scarf Case
Unpalatable but true: cannibalism was routine
Year Ahead: The future of multiculturalism
Foreign flags touch a July 4th nerve in Fremont
Fury Over Mandela Statue
Love is colorblind
The Other Face of Multiculturalism


Kenneth Meeks: Driving While Black : What To Do If You Are A Victim of Racial Profiling | Meharry-State Farm Alliance
Lynn Minority Leaders Say Racial Profiling Necessary
N.J. Police to Get Education on Profiling
NU Profiling Study Really Proves Nothing


Atlanta's Segregated Schools, in 2004
Decades Of Effort Fail To Close Gap In Student Achievement
For a Historic Anniversary, Few Hurrahs for New York
Housing Segregation Persists in Many Parts of Nation, Study Shows
Legal hurdles of segregation are gone, but social barriers remain
Lunchroom Integration Lesson Leads TV Documentaries
The Trouble With Forced Integration by Rep. Ron Paul

Welfare State

Economic Freedom Threatened By Asset Seizure Laws, Income Tax, Immigration
From Mutual Aid to Welfare State: How Fraternal Societies Fought Poverty and Taught Character
NCPA - Tax Issues - Top Earners Pay Most Income Taxes
The Recipient Class

White Flight

50 years later, de facto desegregation
District, to prevent “white flight,” can limit the number of white students who can transfer
Floridians still fight for civil rights
Judge: City can limit transfers of whites
LESSON IN EQUALITY: Brown v. Board of Education spurred integration 50 years ago, but resegregation is today's battle
State will tackle 'white-flight' problem
Where we live fuels a divide

White Paralysis

Police 'ignored sex abuse fearing racist accusation'
British Asian pedophile program spiked
Man's sentence reduced because of 'aboriginality'
'Racist' advert dropped
Feds Ignored Terror Plot Warnings